Beta Temp Map Fail

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Owing to the spotty history of updates applied to the game in the past, it was decided with the announcement of Minecraft leaving Alpha and heading into Beta that the uRPS Minecraft Server map should be taken down for a unspecified amount of time and a temporary map put in its place in order to ensure that the Beta Update would not cause too much havoc on the uRPS map when applied. The temp map would serve as a means to determine the stability of the update. At that time, admin DRoseDARs wished to experiment with map creation by utilizing a mod then-known as the Biome Terrain Mod in order to provide a different play experience for the community. A map several square kilometers in size was created, samples of all biomes were integrated, lush forests with lots of leaf blocks were grown and with Beta the temp map went live.

It was an abject failure.

Unfortunately, the first beta update had a change in the leaf decay code that was unplanned for in the map's creation as well as there being several server-client SMP communication bugs. The temp map created by DRoseDARs was a laggy nightmare that few could connect to reliably. In short order, that temp map was taken down and a new temp map, generated by the default beta update code, was put up in its place.