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A view east across the Bodington's most exclusive beach front

Bodington is a large town to the north of RPS Nova, founded January 2011 - however due to horrible circumstances attributed to RealLife™ , the town has been effectively deserted for several months as of writing. What a shame. They never asked for this.

The original founders of the town were ShowMeTheMonkey, Joefish_C and thegingerbeast , with later contributions from Jorvikan, Se4n_1 and Majwell, along with various visiting residents.

The buildings in Bodington orginally centred around what was to become the main Town Square, notable examples being Bodington Hall, Bachelor Tower and Mudshack Cafe. It quickly expanded to encompass the whole island, and came to include a Cathedral, a circular Monorail line, a General Store and much more.

The town was named after Bodington Halls, student residences of the University of Leeds, and in general, a terrible stain on the face of this fair land.