Cathedral City

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Cathedral City (occasionally known simply as Cat. City) is a picturesque city with a dark secret.
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The Cathedral City sign

It was founded by TwinklinPixi3 and Phydaux. The cathedral was the first building, with the rest of the city built around it.

The city is connected to Bodington and Headingly via a rail link and is on the Central Hub portal network as Cat. City. There are road links to Skullbread and the North Road. Visitors arriving via either the portals or the rail link are greeted by the Cathedral City sign. All visitors are asked to leave a message in the tourist information centre.

Many people own houses in the city and have contributed to the metropolitan feel the city has by putting their style on their property, including: Eltagno, Gerbster, Xerian, robert_swan, Richma and DRoseDARs.

Building in or near the city is by permission only, and style guidelines and height restrictions apply.

Places of interest[edit]

Cathedral City is split into 3 main areas. The city centre where the cathedral, pub, portal network, railway station, school, town houses and civic centre are located. Lower Cathedral City which is home to wooden buildings, a tree-house, a boat-house, the formal garden and the beach-front properties. Finally, there is Upper Cathedral City which is a small hamlet in the snowy hills near the city.

The civic centre has embassies from Mammalia and Skullbread. A Bodington embassy was half-constructed before their economy collapsed and the building couldn't continue. The embassy was demolished to make way for the city's apothecarium and the Skullbread embassy.

There is an underground metro, the Orange Line Metro, that completes a small circuit below the city centre. And a scenic railway, which completes a wider, more interesting path around the outskirts of the city. Both have stops in the railway station, and mine-carts are available at each station. Visitors are asked to return any used carts.

Cathedral City map location


Both the school and the town hall have enchanting tables, and are free to use. The town hall enchanting table is able to produce top-level enchants, where the school table will produce lower level enchants. Brewing stands are also available in the school and apothecary.