Central Hub

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The Central Hub portal room located at New Spawn. The portal directly ahead is a shortcut to the RPS Market at RPS Nova.

The Central Hub is part of the Hub network, and serves as a central location for travel amongst the center of the Old Lands. It was built by robert_swan as part of the renovation of the transport system of the map.

The Central Hub is the only hub not located in its own custom building - instead it is located at New Spawn. The Central Hub is unique in that it does not have the typical 4 inward-facing portals, but instead has 7 with 3 either side of a short corridor, and another portal at the end. The 3 farthest portals are always on, and each has a single fixed destination. They are the Public Farm, RPS Market at RPS Nova and Land's Edge - which leads to the New Lands portal network.

Central Hub Portal 1 (1-0, A-G)[edit]

Central Hub Portal 2 (H-R)[edit]

Central Hub Portal 3 (S-Z)[edit]