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Commands are divided into groups according to those who can use them and their functions.
Commands are entered into the chat window ('T' key by default) and all begin with the backslash character.
Items in diagonal brackets (like <this>) are non-optional parameters.
Items in square brackets (like [this]) are optional parameters.

Player commands

All players, whether on the whitelist or not, have access to the following commands:

  • /spawn - takes you immediately back to New Spawn
  • /list - shows a list of who is online and their level.
  • /time - shows in-game time.
  • /getpos - displays your current position, where +X = south, +Y = up and +Z = west (note these directions are by consesus, and ignore Notch's arbitrary change of North in v1.0. 'North' is the direction the sun and clouds move in).
  • /stack - stacks all items in your inventory into as few slots as possible. Do not use this when you have multiple copies of items with different levels of damage.
  • /help - displays in-game help menu.
  • /help <command> - displays help for the command <command>.
  • /motd - displays the message of the day.
  • /slp - shows who is sleeping.
  • /rules - shows a short version of the server rules.
  • /plugins - shows all the currently installed server mods (known as plugins).
  • /dynmap <hide|show> - hides or shows you on the dynamic map.
  • /cmagnet [on|off] - lists the chest flags help, or if used with the optional [on|off] flag, sets the chest to the appropriate magnet setting (punch the chest after entering this command). Used with the optional flag, this command is a shortcut for /lwc flag magnet <on|off>.
  • /lwc flag <flag> <on|off> - sets the appropriate state of the flag <flag> for a chest (punch the chest after entering this command), where <flag> can be 'redstone', 'magnet', 'exemption', 'autoclose' or 'allowexplosions'.

Chat commands

  • /ch help [page] - shows a full list of chat commands.
  • /pm <playername> <message> - sends a private message to player <playername>.
  • /r <message> - reply to your most recent private message. DOES NOT WORK.
  • /me <emote> - does an emote.
  • /ch <channel> [password] - sets your active channel.
  • /ch join <channel> [password] - joins a channel but doesn't make it active.
  • /join <channel> [password] - same as /ch join <channel> [password] above.
  • /ch list [page] - lists all the channels.
  • /ch who - shows who is in the current channel.
  • /ch leave <channel> - leaves the specified channel.
  • /ch ignore <playername> - ignores the player <playername>.
  • /ignore <playername> - same as /ch ignore <playername> above.
  • /ch tell <playername> <message> - sends a message direct to player <playername>.
  • /tell <playername> <message> - same as /ch tell <playername> <message> above.

Protection commands

For more details on each command, see the Protection entry. Note that protection commands work on chests, furnaces and dispensors. Normally after using one of the commands, you are expected to punch the block.

  • /help lwc [page] - displays help page <page> for protection commands.
  • /lwc - displays a complete list of commands.
  • /lwc create - displays help on the following 3 protection types.
  • /cpublic - can be used by anyone but you retain ownership.
  • /cpassword <password> - Sets a password <password> - anyone with it has access.
  • /cprivate [players] - only you and [players] (names seperated by spaces) have access.
  • /cremove - removes protection.
  • /cunlock <password> - removes the password protection.
  • /cmodify @<playername> - lets player <playername> have access.
  • /cmodify -<playername> - removes player <playername>'s access.
  • /cinfo - views the protection info.
  • /climits - displays protections used and your allowed limit.
  • /cmodify - displays help on this command.
  • /cmodify [groups] [players] - modifies a protection. Type without options for more info.
  • /lwc menu <basic|advanced> - change menu style.
  • /lwc mode <persist|droptransfer> - no idea!
  • /lwc flags [name] <on|off> - no idea!

Repair commands

For more details on each command, see the Repair entry. Note that with the upgrade to 1.2, we now use a custom mod for repairing that uses the crafting table instead of pure commands.

  • /tagnorepair - Lists the repair commands and how to use the repair system. Includes the name of our beloved admin Eltagno who created the mod.
  • /rep - shortcut for /tagnorepair. See above.
  • /rep cost - gives the cost for the item you are holding.
  • /rep cost arm - gives the cost for the armour you're wearing.
  • /rep cost id <number> - gives the cost for the given item id.

Enchanting commands

For more details on each command, see the Enchanting entry.

  • /ee - initialises the Easy Enchant mod. After typing this, left click on an enchanting table to activate it fully. Once enchanting, this command brings up a list of all available commands.
  • /ee list - lists all the available enchantments.
  • /ee <cost> <enchantment> <level> - shows how many levels it costs for the specified enchantment and level.
  • /ee <enchantment> <level> - attempts to put the specified enchantment onto the currently selected item.

Shop commands

For more details on each command, see the Shops entry. Mod and Admin-only shop commands are listed under their sections.

  • /money - shows how much of the in-game currency you have.
  • /money pay <playername> <amount> - gives <amount> of your currency to player <playername>.
  • /help shops [page] - displays help page <page> for shop commands.
  • /shop browse [page]
  • /shop browse buy [page]
  • /shop browse sell [page]
  • /shop buy <itemname> <quantity>
  • /shop sell <#all> - sells the item in your hand.
  • /shop sell <itemname> <quantity>
  • /shop find <itemname> - finds the nearest shop selling item <itemname>. DOES NOT WORK.
  • /shop add - add the item you are holding to the shop.
  • /shop remove <itemname> - stop selling item <itemname>.
  • /shop set buy <itemname> <price> [bundlesize] - set the buy price for an item, in an optional bundle size (eg buying 1 of this item would give you [bundlesize] copies of the item).
  • /shop set sell <itemname> <maxnumber> - prevents people selling you more of an item when you have <maxnumber> copies in stock.
  • /shop set max <itemname> <price> [bundlesize] - no idea!
  • /shop set minbalance <amount> - prevents people selling to you when you have less than <amount> currency.

Donor commands

People who donate to the server also have the following commands:

  • /hat - puts the current item in the helmet slot (results may vary according to block or item). Donators can also now simply place the item in the helmet slot of the inventory.

Mod commands

The following list is not exhaustive, but contains the most commonly used commands.
World Edit in particular adds a lot of additional features, and has its own help pages.
Only Mods and Admins can use the following commands:

  • /help mods [page] - displays mod-specific help.
  • /pex promote <playername> - promotes <playername> to the next level on the ladder (cannot be used to promote above your own current level).
  • /pex demote <playername> - demotes <playername> to the next level down on the ladder.
  • /time <hour> - sets the server to the specified time.
  • /time -<hour> - sets the server to midnight minus the number of hours specified.
  • /tp <x,y,z> - teleports you to X, Y, Z. Note there cannot be a space between any of the values.
  • /tp <playername> - teleports you to player <playername>.
  • /tphere <playername> - teleports player <playername> to you.
  • /ret - returns you to where you teleported from. Currently buggy.
  • /return - same as /ret above. Currently buggy.
  • /put <playername> - moves the player <playername> to where you are looking.
  • /i [-d] <item:data> [amount] - gives you an item. <item> can be a name or ID. [-d] removes the item.
  • /give [-d] <playername> <item:data> [amount] - gives player <playername> an item. [-d] removes the item.
  • // - toggles super pickaxe.
  • /ex <radius> - extinguishes fires.
  • /removenear <item> [radius] - removes all of an item. <item> can be an item name or ID. Without a [radius] it removes everything in sight.
  • /fixwater <radius> - levels water nearby.
  • /fixlava <radius> - levels lava nearby.
  • //drain <radius> - drains water and lava nearby.
  • /tree [type] - binds the tree-making tool to the right click of the selected item. [type] can be 'birch', 'pine' (some weird column tree), 'redwood' (a normal pine tree) or 'big'. Omitting it sets it to oak trees.
  • /deltree - binds the tree-removal tool to the right click of the selected item.
  • /repl <block> - binds the block replacement tool to the selected item. Right clicking with the tool replaces a block with <block>, while left clicking sets <block> to whatever block is under the tool.
  • /none - unbinds any tool from the selected item.
  • /thor - gives you the ability to create lightning bolts when you left click with a pickaxe.
  • /unthor - returns your pickaxes to normal.
  • /butcher - kills all hostile mobs.
  • /playertime - shows the client time.
  • /playertime [playername] - sets the client time for player [playername] (or you, if none specified) to <time>.
  • /playertime [playername] -r - sync up the client time for player [playername] (or you, if none specified) to match the server.
  • /thaw <radius> - removes all snow with sky above it, and converts ice blocks to water sources. The optional <radius> value specifies how far to do it in a circle.
  • snow <radius> - adds a layer of snow to all blocks with sky above them, and freezes water to ice. The optional <radius> value specifies how far to do it in a circle.

World editing commands

For a complete list of world edit commands and instructions on how to use them go here.

  • /lb rollback area <radius> player creeper time <time> minutes - undoes creeper damage within <radius> blocks in the last <time> minutes.

Dynamic map commands

The most common map commands are listed here. For more detailed information see the wiki page for the mod here.

  • /dmarker - lists all available dynamic map commands.
  • /dmarker addset <name> - creates a new marker set with the name <name>. Note that by default, the set ID is equal to the set name.
  • /dmarker deleteset <name> - deletes the marker set with the name <name>.
  • /dmarker listsets - lists all the available sets (make sure you add markers to the correct one).
  • /dmarker add <name> [icon:<iconname>] [set:<setname>] - adds a marker to the dynamic map, as part of the set <setname>, with icon <iconname>. These are optional. If no icon is specified it uses the default (a house). If no set is specified it adds to the default (called Markers).
  • /dmarker delete <name> set:<setname> - adds a marker to the dynamic map, as part of the set <setname>.

Additional shop commands

  • /shop - lists all available shop commands.
  • /shop create [shopname] - creates a shop at your current position.
  • /shop destroy - destroys the shop you are in.
  • /shop move [shopID] - moves the specified shop to your current location.
  • /shop select - select two corners of the shop for a custom size.
  • /shop set - displays help for this command.
  • /shop set manager +[playername] -[playername2] - adds or removes players as managers of the shop.
  • /shop set name [shopname] - sets the name of the shop.
  • /shop set owner <playername> - makes player <playername> the owner of the shop.
  • /shop set unlimited money - enables players to always sell here.
  • /shop set unlimited stock - enables players to always buy here.

Admin commands

Only Admins can use the following commands:

Op commands

People with Op rights have a seperate subset of commands, unrelated to their status level:

  • /gamemode <0|1> - sets the game mode for the player, with 0 being survival and 1 being creative (double jump to fly, unlimited inventory).