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Delly in all her beauty.
Delly (aka The Little Cloud that Fell) is the name of one of Gerbster's cats. She passed away in the middle of 2011 after suffering from liver and kidney problems.

Delly was a stray cat, but clearly of some pedigree. Although her age was never accurately known, it is believed she passed away at around 14 years of age.

She was found living in a conjunto (a closed neighbourhood) in Cali, Colombia, where Gerbsters decided to have her sterilised after discovering the mogster had already had at least 1 litter and probably more. During the operation a tumour was found and removed, after which he felt it impossible to put her back on the street. It was at this time that she gained her alternative title of The Little Cloud that Fell, because with her floofy hair she looked like a little cloud, and she fell into our lives by accident.

Delly had a love-hate relationship with Paffy, and an outright loathing of Bitty, but there were very few incidents - normally there were enough sunbeams to go around! Despite her long hair, Delly was a heat-seeker, and would always be found in warmest spot in the flat. In the sun, under the bedclothes, on top of the PS3 etc. you name it, she'd find it. Delly was a loving pussmog, and due to her time on the street was confident with strangers. She had a strange little double-miaow ('muh-miaow') which she used to greet people and demand food or attention.

Delly was buried in the hills at the side of a lake in Neusa, and her grave marked with her name carved into the nearest tree.

Delly - gone but never forgotten.

Memorials in Mammalia[edit]

Mammalia contains two memorials to Delly, Delly Gardens in Shrewbil, and Delly Portrait that can be seen in the extreme south edge of the map.
Delly Gardens was built as a surprise by robert_swan (who had met the lovely cat), and can be found at the west edge of the main bridge joining Shrewbil to Marmot Isle and the South Road. The gardens are a place of tranquility and warmth, and also contains a small scene best viewed from the upstairs viewing gallery. It depicts Delly on top of a warm monitor, flanked by Bitty and Paffy.
The portrait itself is a copy of one of Delly's most beautiful photos, and was built by Gerbster with the aid of robert_swan, with donations of wool from many people on the server. It can only be viewed in its entirety from the floating viewing platform, which can be reached from the local Mammalia network.

Gerbster would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped and offered support during the painful time after her death. The sense of community in the uRPS server has never been stronger.