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E2T, also known as Epic Two Things, e2t and EtwoT, are a pair of very interesting features in the landscape, discovered not long after the server started a new map during the Halloween update. It was originally found and claimed by Eltagno.

E2T is located in the south east of the map, and can be reached either via the South Hub, or the South Road, diverging to the east just before reaching Mammalia.

The site consists of a massive overhang, and next to it, the largest floating rock on the server. The overhang contains the entrances, as well as a tree farm, while the floating rock has been hollowed out and turned into an inhabited air-ship. The air-ship can be reached by means of a glass tunnel leading from the overhang.

Residents of E2T[edit]

  • Eltagno - founder and owner of E2T.
  • Stranglove.
  • Egg651.
  • Deliverance.
  • robert_swan - his first proper residence on the server.
  • Gerbster - his first and incredibly tiny residence on the server.