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Eastbay is a town located on the East Hub. Work began in the late-spring/early-summer of 2012, built by AndrewTindall. Eastbay is an ongoing and ambitious project to build a large and thriving cityscape in the East, with several districts currently under construction, and more to follow. Districts are linked by the Eastbay Net, and soon by a metro system.

Market District[edit]

The Market District is the primary area in Eastbay, consisting of shops, facilities including obsidian and stone generators and monster spawners. Portals to East Hub and the Nether can be found here.


The Docklands are an area adjoining to the Market District. With storage warehouses, this acts as the primary operating area during work on the town.

Eastbay Farm[edit]

Eastbay Farm is a large public farm containing farms for all four types of trees, wheat, melon and pumpkin, and animals. Soon to include every sheep colour, and netherwart.