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The server has an elevator mod installed, due to the increased height of maps available from version 1.2.4 of Minecraft.

Information about the mod can be found here.
A youtube video demonstrating how to build the elevators can be found here.

How to make an elevator[edit]

Ground floor[edit]

  1. Lay out the shape of the platform as you wish it, using iron blocks (NOT iron ore!).
  2. Place a pillar of 3 blocks on one side.
  3. Place a sign on the first block up containing the name of the floor on the second line (optional).
  4. Place a button on the second block up.
  5. Place a blank sign on the third block up.
  6. Right click on the blank sign.

Additional floors[edit]

  1. Lay out the shape of the platform in glass blocks, matching the shape as for the ground floor.
  2. Copy the pillar of blocks and the signs and buttons as listed in steps 2 to 6 above.
  3. Repeat for each additional floor above the ground floor.

How to use an elevator[edit]

Simply enter the shaft and right click on the sign above the button. Right clicking more times will alter the destination floor, assuming there are some available. When you have selected the floor you wish, press the button and enjoy the view.


  • Lay out the ground floor first - as it is much harder to add floors below at a later stage.
  • Keep the lift shaft clear. The only things that won't cause problems are the buttons and signs, and torches.
  • Avoid bugs by only having one person use the lift at a time.
  • Avoid being trapped in the lift by placing it in a shaft that matches the shape of the platform (using full blocks, not things such as glass panes).
  • Alternatively, don't have any blocks that touch the platform and it's path on any side (except where needed for the buttons and signs).
  • The platform can be any shape and can contain up to 15 blocks, although fewer blocks means less lag.
  • The button on each floor can be replaced with any redstone signal - the button is just the easiest way of controlling it.