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The server uses the Easy Enchant (or EE) mod to allow for accurate Enchanting. It allows players to specifically choose what enchantments they want on a given item, and allows for combinations.

How to enchant[edit]

To begin enchanting, go to an enchanting table, and use the command /ee. Next, left click on the enchanting table to fully initialise it. At this point you have full access to the EE commands. Always make sure you have the right item selected before enchanting!

Costs are in levels of experience you have, and should not be confused with the levels of individual enchantments.

You cancel enchanting by simply walking away from the enchanting table.

An example of enchanting a pickaxe with efficiency, unbreaking and silk touch would be:

  • /ee (followed by clicking on the enchanting table and selecting the pickaxe)
  • /ee efficiency 5
  • /ee unbreaking 3
  • /ee silktouch 1

Enchanting commands[edit]

  • /ee - initialises the Easy Enchant mod. After typing this, left click on an enchanting table to activate it fully. Once enchanting, this command brings up a list of all available commands.
  • /ee list - lists all the available enchantments.
  • /ee <cost> <enchantment> <level> - shows how many levels it costs for the specified enchantment and level.
  • /ee <enchantment> <level> - attempts to put the specified enchantment onto the currently selected item.

There are several commands relating to combos, but the current combos are samples only and very weak.

Enchantments and costs[edit]

Only costs for the highest level of each enchantment is shown. First is listed the name of the enchantment exactly as Easy Enchant uses, followed by the maximum level in brackets, with the levels of experience needed to attain it afterwards. More information on exactly what each enchantment does can be found here.


  • protection (4) - 26 levels.
  • fireprotection (4) - 26 levels.
  • fallprotection (4) - 27 levels.
  • blastprotection (4) - 26 levels.
  • projectileprotection (4) - 26 levels.
  • respiration (3) - 27 levels.
  • wateraffinity (1) - 12 levels.


  • sharpness (5) - 32 levels.
  • smite (5) - 32 levels.
  • baneofarthropods (5) - 32 levels.
  • knockback (2) - 15 levels.
  • fireaspect (2) - 15 levels.
  • looting (3) - 24 levels.


  • efficiency (5) - 37 levels.
  • unbreaking (3) - 18 levels.
  • fortune (3) - 28 levels. Incompatible with silktouch.
  • silktouch (1) - 16 levels. Incompatible with fortune.


  • power (5) - 44 levels.
  • punch (2) - 22 levels.
  • flame (1) - 22 levels.
  • infinity (1) - 35 levels.

Common enchantment combos[edit]


  • efficiency 5 + unbreaking 3 + silktouch 1. This allows you to dig much quicker, and also collect more useful blocks (in particular mining smooth stone gives smooth stone, instead of cobble, saving time and coal). This is often all people use, as it works so quickly on most blocks, particularly dirt, sand and gravel.
  • unbreaking 3 + fortune 3. This gives you a much higher chance of receiving more items from certain blocks, including coal, redstone and diamond! Normally this kept at hand but not used until the required ore is found and needs to be mined.