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Have a question that isn't answered here? Feel free to ask in-game or on the forum.

What is the server address?

The server address is urps-minecraft.co.uk
No port needed.

What is the forum address?

The address for our thread on the Rock Paper Shotgun forums is:


What version of Minecraft is the server using?

The server is on version 1.7.2.

Why is the server not running version X?

Two of the most important things for the server are stability and security.

Minecraft has a history of introducing game-crashing and crippling bugs along with new features, so server upgrades are delayed to ensure the minimum amount of problems. The server also uses a range of mods to enhance security and provide a grief-free experience for its players. These often require time to be updated after Minecraft itself changes.

With the new Minecraft launcher program (required for versions 1.6 and upwards) you can now create multiple profiles, each of which can use the version of your choice. This means that it is simple to create a profile specifically for this server, by making sure it uses the same version number.

Why can I not build anything / is there a whitelist?

This server uses a whitelist. While absolutely anyone can connect to the server to look around and chat, if you're not on the whitelist you won't be able to modify blocks (i.e. build and mine).

How do I get on the whitelist?

See the whitelist page for more details.

Where can I find a list of the server rules?

A list of the rules can be found here. You can also see a more concise summary of the rules in-game by using the command /rules.

Who are the Admins and Mods?

You can find a list of Admins and Mods on their respective pages. Admins and Mods have the power to whitelist players and have various extra powers, but in-game their most used abilities are those of making portals, and teleporting. As a general rule they do not give free items to players unless they have been lost as the result of a bug. Admins and Mods show up in different colours in chat. You can get a list of all players sorted by level by typing /who. They aim to help guide new players and resolve any problems that occur.

I'm on the server, now what do I do?

Look around, get to know the layout of the map, gasp in awe at the wonderous creations that lie there-in, and definitely introduce yourself to anyone else online. We pride ourselves on a tight-knit and friendly community, so don't be shy! Many people waiting to be whitelisted use the time to find areas they like so can start building the moment they get put on probation. There are also several people who enjoy giving tours which can be a great way to see much of what the server has to offer.

If you are new to Minecraft entirely, or need information on crafting recipes etc. then all the help you could wish for or more can be found at http://www.minecraftwiki.net.

Is the server creative or survival?

The server is set to survival - that is to say hostile mobs are enabled, and you WILL get hugged by a creeper sooner or later.
However, a few annoying features of mobs have been disabled, notably endermen do not move blocks around as it proves too frustrating to builders. Care should be taken when underground or at night - never assume any area is mob-proof.

Is this a PVP server?

Player-on-player damage is enabled on this server, but it's not a PVP server. Fighting is only allowed when all participants are up for it. Attacking people will cause damage to armour (which can be expensive to build/repair) and may cause items to be lost, so if the person you're attacking isn't willing then they obviously won't be very happy. Members of staff will take action in such instances.

You can make traps to protect private areas, but give fair warning via signs that intruders proceed at their own risk.

An example of 'batshit' architecture.

Is there a set building style or theme?

There is no set building style or theme. There are various themed settlements throughout the map, but no overall theme for the whole server. You can build in whatever style you like, whether it's medieval, fantasy, modern, far-eastern, Russian neoclassical revivalist, batshit or whatever.
Do respect over peoples' areas though and don't be offensive. For more information on what you can and can't do, see the Rules page.

Is there a map of the server?

There is a real-time map of the server at http://urps-minecraft.co.uk/map/.
This map shows the time of the server, who is online (and where), and has various other features. It updates dynamically, so you may actually be able to see people building!
For players working on secret projects, there are commands to hide your position - see the complete list of commands for more details.

Are there backups of the map?

Yes! The entire map is backed up daily, allowing for roll-backs should we encounter problems of any kind. These backups are also made available here.

Which way is north?

North on our server is the direction the sun, moon and clouds move towards. Reasons on why this is the case can be found on the dedicated North page. One side effect of 'our' north being different is that sunflowers always point south here.

How do I use portals / can I get my own portal?

Any player regardless of level can simply walk into an always-on portal (indicated by the purplish haze).
Players on probation or higher can use other portals, by right clicking on the signs located on the left side of the portal. Each click cycles through the possible destinations one by one. Once the desired location is selected, click on the button to the right of the portal, and walk through it once the purple haze is visible.

Players can get their own portals assuming they have the required materials needed, although they need a Mod or Admin to activate it.

For more information see the dedicated Portals page.

You can find a list of public Portal networks in the Category:Portal Networks page.

Can I build a standard nether gate?

Yep! They often don't connect up correctly though, so it's best to manually create the nether gate on both ends. To get the coordinates of the gate in the nether divide the overworld coordinates by eight. You can get your coordinates by pressing F3 or with the /getpos command. Don't go through the gate until you've created both.

Where can I find food?

To help prevent new players from starving to death until they establish their own farms with crops and livestock, a public farm has been set up. It can be found on the main Hub network listed after the North, East, South and West Hubs.

Remember to breed animals before killing them to keep numbers up, and to replant crops that you harvest. Tools can be found to do so in chests dotted around the farm. Please return them once used.

Where can I find public mines, tree farms and mob grinders?

There is a massive public mine in RPS Nova - head right out of the market, then turn left at the marker stone. A little way ahead past the Clocktower is the entrance to the public mine.

There are several tree farms ranging in size, which can be found at:

  • Public Farm - listed on all Network Hub portals. The tree farms are straight on, past the lilypad pond.
  • Moleford in Mammalia - take the South Hub to Shrewbil, then at the other side of the Visitors' Arch take the local portal to Moleford. The tree farm can be found to the north-east, behind the reed and vine fields.

Public mob grinders are few and far between and vary between general mob traps and dungeon-based, but a few examples are:

  • Creepers (gunpowder) - Go to the Public farm, and turn right coming out of the portal building. Follow the road out past the farm and into the tunnel and head straight on to the Creeper grinder. Only ever attempt to kill creepers using the grinder, or you may damage the surrounding wall.
  • Skeletons (bones and feathers) - take the South Hub to Mammalia, then at the other side of the Visitors' Arch take the local portal to Gerbston. Head right and follow the path through the village and out the other side. A little way on the road to Shrewbil, there is a small path on the right that heads into the mob grinder.

How do I find a safe spot to build in?

In general it is considered rude to build right next to someone else, and permission should be sought and recieved before building commences.
There are some exceptions to this, for example RPS Nova is considered public space - as long as there is a vacant lot, you can build.

Remember, there do not have to obvious signs of building for an area to be reserved. Areas may be underground, or torches (or something similar) may have been used to mark out future building sites. Also pay attention to the possibility that an area adjacent to buildings may have been deliberately left untouched to provide a nice view.

When in doubt, ask mods or admin to see if they can confirm if the area is unclaimed, although often the easiest thing to do is simply look elsewhere - the server is very big and still contains a lot of beautiful untouched vistas. If there is an area you simply must have which is only 'claimed' by markers such as torches etc., speak to the mods or admin - it may be that the area was claimed so long ago that they deem the rights have lapsed.

More details on this aspect of building can be found in the Rules.

There are several public projects and locations dotted around the map. A list of these along with further details can be found at the Public Projects page.

Can I make chests private or public?

Chests are private by default. To unlock them (ie make them public) type /cremove and then punch the chest you wish to unlock.
You can also protect furnaces and dispensors. For a more comprehensive list of protection related commands, see the main Protection page.

How do I enchant items?

We have the Easy Enchant mod installed. You can find out how to use it at the Enchanting page.

How do I use shops?

You will need to find shops, as they no longer alert you when you enter. When you are inside a shop you have access to several commands, the most useful of which is /shop buy <item> <quantity>. You can naturally only buy things if you have enough currency (find out by using /money) and if the item is in stock. This means if you want to know if you are in a shop, try a shop command. If it works, you are inside!

The Shops page contains a list of all the commands, as well as a list of where to find many of the shops on the server and what they sell.

How do I repair my tools?

The normal Minecraft way is to craft 2 damaged tools together to produce a 'new' one which has slightly more uses remaining that the two used to construct it.
The uRPS way uses the spent item and materials to repair in the crafting areas. There is also the /rep command, shows help and how to work out the cost to repair an item - which is always significantly less than the materials used to construct a fresh item. For more information see the Repair page.

How do use colours in signs?

Colours can be added to signs by including the '&' symbol followed by a hexadecimal code (0-9, a-f) which determines the colour used. More detailed information can be found at the Signs page.

Where can I find a complete list of commands?

Why here!

How can I get to the Nether?

There are several portals to the Nether, but the most prominent is located at RPS Nova, under the Clocktower. From New Spawn simply walk through the last portal at the end of the corridor (flanked by 2 more portals on either side), exit the market to the right, and turn left at the snowman. The portal is just along this road on your right, and it will take you to the Nether spawn. You can also create your own nether gate.

What is the difference between Probation and Builder status?

From the player's point of view - nothing. Being on Probation gives us more tools to track your activities. Once we are happy we can trust you completely, you will be moved to Builder status.

How can I make a donation to the server?

To make a donation to the server head to http://urps-minecraft.co.uk/donate/ or make a donation via paypal to donate@urps-minecraft.co.uk If you want to donate a different way, perhaps via cheque or bank transfer send us an email at donate@urps-minecraft.co.uk and we can send you the details.

Eltagno wearing a furnace on his head.

Are there any benefits for donating?

There are one or two benefits for donating, but they're just fun things that don't give you an advantage in the game. We don't want there to be different classes of residents on the server based on their ability to pay.

  1. You can choose a title, which is displayed after your name in chat.
  2. You can use the /hat command. This command puts the item you're currently holding on your head. You should do this with single items rather than whole stacks, otherwise you might lose items.
  3. You can use the mob riding plugin to ride hostile mobs. All you need to do is right click them while holding a saddle, and do the same to dismount. This is pretty dangerous for obvious reasons, so use it at your own risk!

What mods/plugins do you have installed?

We do not give out complete information on what mods we have installed on the server, but you can see some of the public ones in the Server mods page.

Can you install mod/plugin XYZ?

Possibly. Suggest it on the forums and we'll consider it. No guarantees, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Bear in mind that this server tries to stay true to the vanilla Minecraft gameplay. The mods we use tend to either enhance what's already there or fix what we consider to be broken, without changing the fundamental experience.

Make sure the mod you're recommending is a multiplayer mod. Singleplayer mods won't work. Almost always this means it's going to be a Bukkit plugin.