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Fappingrad's initial settling location.

Fappingrad is a settlement far to the north of RPS Nova. The land in the immediate area was first claimed by players Veeskers and HumanHighway in November 2010, when they created a fort inside a hill as a safe haven in the area they would call home. The settlement's suitably dignified name arose when the Hub network was established and towns received formal naming for the signs, as it was christened "Fappington" by player mandelbrot_sex. This name was soon after slightly altered to Fappingrad, where it can be found on the North Hub.

The main Fappingrad settlement covers a mysterious lake and the area around it, especially off the western shores. Other settlements by Fappingrad residents have sprung up at other locations around the world. A public road runs along the eastern shore of the lake, and the southern area of the settlement.

Fappingrad residents, in alphabetical order, are: Humanhighway, Kanten, mandelbrot_sex, Redcml, Veeskers.

Local landmarks[edit]

  • Fort FCQ - the original shelter
  • Maelstrom Keep - functioning both as a lighthouse and as a place for dark rituals under gibbous moons.
  • The maelstrom - a highly unnatural phenomenon occuring in Fappingrad lake.
  • Rogerfield - a charming but eerie forest village plagued by rumours of a serial killer and nighttime creeper invasions.
  • Mandhattan - an island getaway at the northern shores of the lake.
  • Derceto - a haunted mansion lovingly recreated from an old horror game with a tarnished name.

External settlements[edit]

  • Mt. Madness reseach facility - a scientific outpost and colonization effort on the frozen wastes near the Mountains of Madness.
  • Winterfell - a fortress on the extreme edge of the world.
  • Sinai Morgul - an unseemly skull-shaped shrine in the southern deserts.
  • Fappingrad Nether Base - a base of operations for deep excursions into the nether.