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The town of Gerbston nestled in the hills.

Gerbston is a small town in the north-east of Mammalia built by Gerbster. It was the very first main settlement started in the continent, and had not changed significantly since 2010 until mid-2011 when the port to the north was added, along with the town's portal. Gerbston exports mob items, as it has a total of 3 dungeons very close by (although only one is currently open to the public). The design was a deliberate counter-balance to the then-common practice on the server of levelling large areas and creating huge open towns.

As of 2012 work is underway on linking Gerbston to Shrewbil via a mine-cart line. Following the road out of the town to the south leads to Shrewbil, while taking the port tunnel east leads to the North-east border fort. There are two roads leading west towards Moleford, one along the coast and another through a valley of lush pastures.

To the east of Gerbston lies a smuggler's den with treetop defences. This was actually the very first location ever built in what became Mammalia.

Places of interest[edit]

  • Skeleton mob trap - Just outside the town limit to the south is an entrance to the public mob trap.
  • Inn - Gerbston's only lodge for the weary traveller, compact but comfortable.
  • Port - Actually larger than the port at Shrewbil, you can currently find the ??? docked here. Located just outside the main town to the north.
  • The Halfway Inn - On the road south, this was originally a welcome break in the long walk to Shrewbil, but as that city grew, it became more of a tourist stop-off for day trips.