Gopher Dunes

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The town of Gopher Dunes in the blazing sun.

Gopher Dunes is a desert town in the center of Mammalia built by Gerbster.

Gopher Dunes began as an experiment with the then new sandstone block. It quickly spiralled out of control into a full-blown town. Its location was chosen as the only desert of reasonable size within Mammalia, but as the town expanded, so too did the desert.

The main gate of Gopher Dunes leads to the north, and connects to Moleford (which can just be seen in the distance with far rendering enabled). It passes by a pyramid almost entirely submerged by drifting sands, and later on skirts the edge of the cactus farm before arriving at the lush farmland. Although there is no direct road to the west, people can take the ferry across the river, and from there journey along the road to the west of Mammalia, passing through the Great Plains on its long journey to Mousehole.

Gopher Dunes itself is a typical desert trading town. It gains much of its wealth from simply being close to several important trading locations and routes, but it also has a small but thriving industry in wool and dyes - indeed it boasts the only market for such things in Mammalia.

Houses here tend to either be large, open and airy, or small with tiny windows and sunk into the ground to help combat the heat. As a result despite Gopher Dunes being small, it is easy to get lost. The town also has two prominent landmarks in the shape of the Tower, which dominates the skyline and makes for a useful reference point (particularly as the town portal is just by its entrance), and the Temple. The Temple itself is small, but a sign of the wealth of the clergy can be seen in the luxurious garden, which requires vast quantities of water to sustain it.

Gopher Dunes is currently in the process of building a railway, connecting it to the rest of Mammalia. There is no estimated completion time for the project however.