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The Central Hub portal room located at New Spawn. The portal directly ahead is a shortcut to the RPS Market at RPS Nova.

The Hub network is a series of locations across the server containing portals to nearby locations, and is the principal means of travel around the server.

The general layout is that there are 2 sets of hubs spread out around the map:

Each corresponds to a large part of the map, and new portals are expected to be added to the nearest Hub as appropriate.

Each Hub contains 4 or more portals, with the general idea being that 3 of the portals allow you to travel quickly to the various player-built areas (divided into alphabetical groupings to let you quickly find a given destination), while a 4th portal (normally indicated with blue wool at its base) links to the other Hubs, with some also listing extra special destinations - such as Land's Edge, the RPS Market and the Public Farm.

With this system, players can travel quickly and accurately around the map.

Travelling between the Old and New Lands[edit]

The two major hub networks are linked via Land's Edge. This is listed directly on both main networks, although this destination does not take you to exactly the same destination, as the two portals are connected by some stairs.

History of the Hub network[edit]

The server initially used warps instead of portals. This was eventually abandoned as Jonbas strove for a more cohesive feel to the server experience. When it became apparent that a public network was needed, a first version was built. This was based upon a simple system of having one portal for each of the cardinal compass directions. Problems eventually arose due to the sheer number of locations listed per portal (15 or more in some cases), and hence the new, future-proof system was put in place in mid-2011.

With the creation of the New Lands (the southern half of the map), an additional hub network was set up specifically to cater for it.