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Sneaky, sneaky Jorvikan.

Jorvikan is a member of the uRPS servers.

Jorvikan joined the uRPS server in January 2011, as a complete Minecraft noob, having never even played the single player. He was convinced to start playing by fellow member ShowMeTheMonkey, as up until then he thought Minecraft looked ridiculously terrible. After approximately 10 minutes of playing Minecraft, Jorvikan changed his mind. Unfortunately, due to work in the real world, he can often be absent for months at a time, but once in a blue moon has intensive binges of Minecrafty goodness. His skin is that of Sam Fisher-esque Splinter Cell agent.

  • Real name: Jake
  • Forum name: Jorvikan
  • Level: Builder
  • Joined uRPS: January 2011
  • Date of Birth: June 6th
  • Nationality: British
  • Location: Leeds, UK.
  • Cats: None, cats are evil scheming creatures.
  • Steam Profile: Jorvikan [1]