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Lampstead is a small town located on the East Hub, just east of Cathedral City. Built in the Spring of 2012 as the first project of AndrewTindall, Lampstead is a compact stone and wood town inspired by settings seen within The Elder Scrolls series including both in Oblivion and Skyrim. Key landmarks in the town include the large stone bridge linking Lampstead to Cathedral City, and the large tower in the centre which houses portals and storage.


Upper Lampstead[edit]

Upper Lampstead is the original section of town, containing the main tower, which was the first building, as well as the spleef arena, shops, housing, and obsidian and cobble generators.

Lower Lampstead[edit]

Lower Lampstead sits across the river from the rest of town, joined by a second, smaller bridge. In this area you'll find the Church, which contains a zombie spawner; and the slums.