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Mammalia is a privately run continent in what used to be the south of the map (but now straddles the join between the Old Lands and the New Lands.
It has been designed and built by Gerbster and robert_swan in its entirety apart from a few select projects.
Building there is by permission only.

Locations within Mammalia[edit]

Mammalia itself is a massive area, and contains many towns and distinct areas. Most are linked by roads, canals or minecart lines, but there are also plenty of things to discover off the beaten path.

Towns, Villages and Districts[edit]

  • Shrewbil - The capital city of Mammalia. Main passport control is located at the NE
  • Ferret Isle - A neighbourhood of Shrewbil, it contains Beech-grove Bay, an enclosed area for the wealthy of the city. With the upturned economic growth in Mammalia, Beech-grove Bay has grown significantly of late.
  • Gerbston - A small town that exports mob items from its grinders.
  • Moleford - A farming community that despite few residents, covers a large area.
  • Darkrat Mire - An overgrown mire that contains a tree-top dwelling tribe.
  • Gopher Dunes - A desert town.
  • Batterlee - Inhabited by people tired of constant attacks, this village is suspended high above the ground.
  • Mousehole - Once the western border of Mammalia, expansion has left it as merely a trading post for the nearby population.
  • Dugong - Oriental Village.
  • Capybarony - A fief guarding the extreme south border of Mammalia.
  • Squirrefuge - A secret refuge for the rich and famous of

Wizards of Mammalia[edit]

  • Aquatica - The benevolent Water Wizard's Lair. Home to the magical protector of Shrewbil and his acolytes.
  • Nature Wizard
  • Fire Wizard
  • Sky Wizard


  • Delly Portrait - A homage to Gerbster's cat Delly, who passed away in 2011.
  • Pyramids and head statues - An abandoned pyramid can be found - but what happened to the indigenous population remains a mystery.
  • Catemple - A massive temple being built in honour of the furry masters we know as cats.
  • Mysterious Abandoned Floating Places - Here before Mammalia was founded, no-one knows who created them.
  • North-east Border Fort.
  • South-west Border Fort.

Transport Links[edit]

  • Mammalia has a portal at the South Hub.
  • The Town Net has its main offices in Shrewbil.
  • The South Road eventually arrives at Mammalia and Shrewbil after approximately 4.3km.
  • From RPS Nova you can follow the Mammalia Water Markers south to Shrewbil.
  • The Air Tours network has a portal in the air ship at Shrewbil.
  • Mammalia has its own local network, which can be used to rapidly visit the following locations:
    • Moleford.
    • Gerbston.
    • Shrewbil.
    • Gopher Dunes.
    • Darkrat Mire.
    • Batterlee.
    • Mousehole.
    • Catemple.
    • Shrewbil storage (a convenient shortcut for people working in Mammalia).
    • Capybarony.
    • Dugong.
    • Squirrefuge.