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The farms of Moleford spread across the plains.

Moleford is a huge area of farmland run by a tiny community in the central plains of Mammalia, built by Gerbster. Moleford is responsible for the majority of crops produced for the entire continent of Mammalia, and despite having a central farm area, the name includes several small farms dotted along the road to the east that connects Moleford to Gerbston, and later on Shrewbil.

Following the road out of the town to the west takes you past the ford which is how the place got its name, and leads to Gopher Dunes, the desert city. Leaving to the east takes you through more farmland before the road splits in two, although both routes lead to Gerbston. One hugs the coastline, while the other passes through an incredibly fertile and lush valley.

Moleford currently produces:

  • Wheat - the fields are easily the most extensive in the server, although more modern efforts have resulted in two auto-harvesting wheat farms in the northern edge of Moleford.
  • Trees - there is a large tree farm located on the east edge of the community.
  • Vines - located to the east, these are easily visible from the east road.
  • Reeds - next to the vines are the reed beds.
  • Pumpkins and melons - there are several patches used to grow these, located on hillsides otherwise unusable for wheat.

Players are welcome to harvest as needed, but are required to replant exactly as they found the fields.

It should be noted that Moleford is not currently responsible for livestock - it was found that the animals were excellent at escaping, resulting in much trampling of the crops nearby.