Mysterious ruins

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The ruined pyramid.

These mysterious ruins are located just to the south of Gopher Dunes.

Rumour has it that settlers came to these parts, and fought with the indigenous tribes that lived here. The tribes were rumoured to possess great quantities of gold and jewels. As a result, virtually all their land was pillaged and destroyed, although their supposed wealth was never discovered, nor even proven to exist.

The main settlement itself consisted of a ceremonial pyramid (where human sacrifice was proven to occur), a large temple built into a cliff face, and a long line of monumental faces, carved out of living rock. The tribes themselves, once aware they could not defeat the invaders, vanished into the forests, never to be seen again.

A large expedition set out in recent years to ascertain the truth of all the myths surrounding these lands and their inhabitants, but it never returned. Wreckage and several notebooks were recovered close to the damaged pyramid, but beyond speculation that the group met with an unfortunate accident, nothing is known for certain.