New Spawn

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The top floor of New Spawn, sporting a uRPS logo.

New Spawn is the current location where players appear upon first entering the server, or using the /spawn command, replacing Old Spawn.
It also doubles as the Central Hub location on the Hub network, and is the only Hub that has a special portal, specifically for non-whitelisted players, that takes them directly to RPS Nova.

It was designed as a means to combat the large amounts of lag generated by having many players always in and around RPS Nova, easily the most heavily constructed area on the server.

The initial idea was put in motion by DRoseDARs after discussion amongst Admins and Mods. He scouted for a location near to RPS Nova, but not close enough that it would be affected by the city, nor in danger of ending up on the outskirts by urban expansion. All visible area surrounding New Spawn is off limits to building, and indeed it is impossible to get out of New Spawn except by using a portal, so there is no temptation for players to start building nearby.

DRoseDARs came up with the initial idea for the style, and robert_swan soon took over build duties, aided partly by Gerbster. New Spawn has undergone several revisions as its needs became more apparent - the latest of which was the addition of the Central Hub, allowing players to bypass RPS Nova entirely should they wish.

Due to some confusion, New Spawn construction progressed in secret, and two players (FabulousMrWeed and Eltagno began and completed construction on the RPS Market, an intended replacement for Old Spawn. Upon completion of New Spawn, the market was made redundant, but because of the effort involved in its construction, it was chosen as the new default location where players enter RPS Nova. RPS Nova is considered the flagship location of the server, and this explains why it is the first port of call for non-whitelisted players.