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Not long after MtotheThird set up his unofficial RPS Minecraft server, the RPS Overmind finally decided the time was ripe for their own official server to go up. A second was opened in order to deal with the volume of players wishing to play and to try to continue to provide some playability whenever one of the servers would go down.

The official servers were less moderated than their unofficial counterpart and as such were subject to a much-increased volume of griefing. As a result of this, the official servers had the rather unfortunate nicknames of Snow Hell (it was a winter mode map), Sky Hell (again a winter mode map; a large city was build in the sky near spawn in a futile attempt to escape the griefing) and Snow Hell 2 (another winter mode map; new attempt to provide more moderation) all due to the havoc wrought by the marauding hordes of griefers.

M3's map was not without griefing, however more active moderation around the clock and a closer-knit community created an atmosphere that successfully fended off most griefing attempts and frequently repaired known structures.

With the sudden downfall of M3's map and the subsequent rise of the current uRPS map, new Admin tools were provided to more effectively deal with griefing. As a result, incidents are exceedingly rare.