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Phydaux (pronounced Fido) is a long standing member of the uRPS servers.

Phydaux favoured exploration to building in uRPS1, but has settled down and is one of the two founders of Cathedral City, the other being TwinklinPixi3 his real-life wife. He prefers to build infrastructure and redstone circuits to buildings and other monuments. Building the rail link between Cathedral City and Bodington, as well as other mine cart tracks, roads, and circuits.

His skin is that of the Team Fortress 2 Scout.

  • Real name: Chris Kent
  • Forum name: Phydaux
  • Level: Builder
  • Joined uRPS: September 2010 (approximately)
  • DOB: February 18th
  • Nationality: British
  • Location: Cardiff, Wales
  • Cats: 1 (Matilda)