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An 'always on' and a regular portal.

Portals (also known as Stargates in-game due to the mod used, or sometimes just gates) are a means of travelling quickly around the server. They first showed up in Minecraft when Notch introduced the Nether, and since then various mods have copied the style to allow for more flexible travel. A list of public portal networks can be found at the Category:Portal Networks page.

Types of portals and how to use them[edit]

  • Always-on - these will always have a purplish have in them. Simply walk into the haze (example: most portals to and from the Nether).
  • Fixed destination - the sign will say where they lead to, and they will have a button. Just press the button and walk into the haze (example: the RPS Market portal at the Central Hub).
  • Multiple destinations - they have a sign and a button. Right click on the sign to cycle through the possible locations, and once the desired destination is highlighted, click on the button and walk into the haze (example: virtually all of the portals at the Hubs).
Each grey square represents a block of obsidian.
Black bordered ones are mandatory, while red bordered ones are optional.

How to create a Portal[edit]

You need to ask a Mod or Admin to activate a portal, and you will require the following as well:

  • A sign
  • 10-14 obsidian blocks (depending on whether you want the corners filled in or not)
  • 3 diamonds or 13500 nipples to pay the Mod or Admin.

With the obsidian, build the portal itself as you wish. The basic shape is a hollow rectangle, 5 blocks high and 4 blocks wide, but the 4 corner blocks can be omitted if required or if obsidian is in short supply. Then give the sign and the payment to the relevant person, along with details of the name of the location, and which network it will connect to. Portals that are to connect to the main Hub network system MUST connect to the nearest relevant hub. It is a little known fact that the sign and button on a portal can be on either side - by default the sign is added to the left side, but we can change this if you ask.

Portal creation options for Mods and Admins[edit]

When creating portals there are several basic options you can apply on the sign. The four lines of the sign can be as follows:

  • Line 1 - <Portal name>
  • Line 2 - <Destination name>
  • Line 3 - <Network name>
  • Line 4 - <Options>

The <Portal name> is the only required value. It can contain spaces, and must be 11 characters or shorter.

The <Destination name> is required if this is to be a fixed portal - IE it leads always to only one destination. It can contain spaces, and must be 11 characters or shorter.

The <Network name> adds the portal to the specified network. If omitted, it gets added to the 'Central' network by default. It can contain spaces, and must be 11 characters or shorter.

<Options> can be either 'A' (always on), 'H (hidden from anyone except for the portal creator) or both options. Note that the 'always on' option only works for fixed portals - those that supply a direct destination in line 2.