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A view of the whole farm.

The Public Farm was created to fulfil the need of new players starving to death on the server. With the release of Minecraft v1, animals now rarely spawned in the wild, and instead had to be collected and bred to sustain large numbers. This meant many new players never found a pair to breed (or indeed knew it was necessary), and food became a scarcity.

To help with this, Eltagno, FabulousMrWeed, Gerbster and Xerian1991 constructed a farm, filled with everything players could need, as well as instructions on how to keep the farm running. It was placed on the main Hub network, and can be reached from any hub where it is listed after the 5 main hubs.

Items available at the farm[edit]

  • Cows - give leather, raw beef and milk.
  • Sheep - give wool.
  • Pigs - give porkchops.
  • Chickens - give feathers, raw chicken and eggs.
  • Vines - note that these are actually climbable. Trim from the bottom up to get maximum harvest, and leave the top vines intact.
  • Lilypads - can be used to walk on water.
  • Wheat - crafts into make bread.
  • Melons - give slices that can be crafted into seeds or melons again.
  • Trees - give logs, saplings and apples. Harvest only from the tree farm!

Breeding animals[edit]

Players must remember that to keep the farm viable, they must breed animals before killing them. This is done by holding wheat in your hand and attracting 2 animals of the same type close together. Then right click on each of them (using a single item of wheat on each of them), and they will fall in love. After a short period of time, a baby animal will be born, which will eventually grow into an adult.

If players do not do this, then we run the risk of the livestock dying out entirely.


Players are also asked to replant any crops they take, if applicable.
Vines will regrow automatically (as long as you do not harvest the top vine of a column) and lilypads cannot be regrown (alert a Mod or Admin if the pond is empty).
With melons, once collected, the ground under them must be hoed again (there are hoes in the chest outside by the door).
For wheat, if you are careful and don't tread on the soil, the only thing you must do is replant the seeds. Damaged soil needs to be hoed, and again there are free hoes available. Only harvest fully grown wheat - this guarantees that you will receive seeds and wheat itself. Trees drop saplings, so hang around until you have enough then replant all that you chopped down.