RPS Market

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Looking across the RPS Market.

The RPS Market is a location within RPS Nova, and was created by FabulousMrWeed.

Originally it was intended as the new location for spawn, but unfortunately it was created in parallel with New Spawn (which was at the time, a secret project). It was decided that the market would become the new default location within RPS Nova, meaning the RPS Nova portal would lead here from the Central Hub. As RPS Nova is the showcase location of the server, several additional means of getting directly to the market were added (including its permanent listing on the Hub portals, and a unique portal in the Central Hub at New Spawn).

The RPS Market has several features to aid the new player. It has several statues with information detailing various materials in-game, and just outside is a small melon and pumpkin farm, and vine trellis. There is also a large board containing directions to various features on the server, should players feel up for a walk.

Players are invited to leave a message on the message board, located just behind the main portal building.
Should one die in the Duality Fountain, it is expected that you alter the sign listing the number of lives claimed there.