RPS Nova

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Looking south across part of RPS Nova.

RPS Nova is the server's largest city, located directly in the middle of the map. For a long time, players spawned in Old Spawn, located in the middle of RPS Nova, meaning that this city is always the first thing that new players see. It contains a wide variety of buildings in all sorts of styles, as the city itself has no restrictions at all, except for respecting neighbouring constructions' boundaries. Many players have at least one building here, and there are still vacant lots dotted around the place where a lucky builder can stake his claim.

RPS Nova contains many of the most iconic structures in the server, including the Clocktower - one of only two locations ported from the previous map (the other being Epic Cave), n00b castle, awesome in its size despite not being quite finished, the RPS Market, ThyMaker's Pagoda and many more. A player can literally lose himself for hours wandering, without ever seeing the same structure twice.

There are very few clearly defined boundaries to RPS Nova. The south edge is limited somewhat by oceans, as is the west side (although expansion continued over the water onto the other side in some places). The east side is the least developed direction, while the north, particularly in the north-west, has expanded so much that what had been 3 discrete towns (going as far as Bodington), are almost touching, giving a massive urban area.

Due to the size of the city, mob-proofing has proved very difficult. DRoseDARs built a large wall around the western edge of the city, but since then the city has expanded past it, making it somewhat redundant. While the city center is generally safe, players should always keep a careful eye out just in case. Rumour has it that the city center itself is protected by a server mod, although mob spawners still work fine (for example in the Zombie Zoo).

It should be noted that RPS Nova has an extensive underground scene, so mining for ores is frowned upon as the chances of breaking into someone's structure is very high.