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The server supports traditional Minecraft item repair, but as a supplement the server also runs a Repair mod written by the lovely Eltagno.
Note that with the upgrade to 1.2, we now use a custom mod for repairing that uses the crafting table instead of pure commands - that is, the previous repair mod is not installed.

The Repair mod[edit]

The Repair mod allows you to repair damaged items by spending a material related to the item. It is often much cheaper to repair your items with the server's repair mod than it is to use Minecraft's standard repair. Additionally, the repair mod will allow the repair of enchanted items without the loss of the enchants on those items. Items that can be repaired include:

  • Sword
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Shears
  • All Armour

You will receive a warning on any tool that is about to break, that can be repaired using the repair mod.

All other tools that degrade can only be repaired using Minecraft's standard repair.

Repairing items[edit]

Repairing is now as simple as placing the item to repair, along with the needed materials to do so, into the crafting grids (either the 2x2 grid in your inventory, or the 3x3 grid of a crafting table). You can use the repair commands to find out exactly how much is needed to repair an item. If an item requires more than one of an individual material for repairs, remember to put each one into a separate space within the grid, rather than all in one stack.

Repair commands[edit]

For more details on each command, see the Repair entry.

  • /tagnorepair - Lists the repair commands and how to use the repair system. Includes the name of our beloved admin Eltagno who created the mod.
  • /rep - shortcut for /tagnorepair. See above.
  • /rep cost - gives the cost for the item you are holding.
  • /rep cost arm - gives the cost for the armour you're wearing.
  • /rep cost id <number> - gives the cost for the given item id.

Minecraft repair[edit]

To repair items using the traditional Minecraft system, you just place 2 identical items into a crafting grid. Their durability is added together with a minor addition. Enchants are not carried over to the new item. See the Minecraft item repair wiki page for more detail.