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robert_swan is a long standing builder, elevated to Mod status when it became clear that the server needed more Mods to help players, particularly during evenings and nights in the UK. He favours small buildings and projects, preferring to create large areas as a result of lots of individual works. His favourite parts of the game are building interiors and finding new combinations and uses of blocks. He dislikes redstone circuits intensely. Apart from a few rare examples, robert_swan builds exclusively in a Medievil style, in keeping with most of the server.

robert_swan played Minecraft through the two TCE (The Chaos Engine) servers for many months. After that server slowly emptied, moved to the uRPS server. Many of the initial buildings in Mammalia were copies of work done on the TCE server.

  • Real name: Robert Swan.
  • Forum name: Robert Swan.
  • Level: Mod.
  • Joined uRPS: November 2010 (approximately).
  • Nationality: British.


A selection of his work is listed here. There are many more works dotted around the server, but so old as to be forgotten.