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All players are expected to have read, understood and accepted the Rules listed here.

Don’t be a dick.

It does not get more basic than that as far as rules go. Seriously, we are good people here. We come here for an enjoyable round of what is essentially “Digital Legos” with side order of civil chat as company, and the occasional creeper hug. If you want hostility, every-other-word-a-curse, to berate or be berated, go play Call of Dooty. We have our fair share of wit, sarcasm and salty language, but mostly for the PG-13 rated lolz. This is a supportive community, and people just want to have creative fun here without having their mother's street-side occupation brought into question.

Respect the authoritah of the Mods and Admins (collectively, the OPs). We get paid a lot of imaginary money to maintain the server and order upon it, but not enough to babysit screaming man-children. Which is to say, we do this for free (save the cost of hosting the server; occasionally donations are requested) and on our free time. This is entirely voluntary work on our part, we are not a concierge service and this is not a democracy. We want people to enjoy themselves, and we want to enjoy ourselves too. We try to be responsive to the players whenever issues arise, or when they might have suggestions. There will be hiccups on the server, and honest mistakes by players, but please keep it civil. It is one thing to disagree with each other or the OPs, it is wholly another to engage in backbiting and rumor-mongering.

There are Minecraft PvP servers dedicated to griefing. This is NOT one of them.

Griefing will not be tolerated. We act as quickly and as thoroughly as we can to reports of griefing/stealing. We rely on our players to watch their own stuff, as well as that of their neighbors' since we cannot possibly patrol the entire breadth and width of the server ourselves given its size and the volume of projects throughout it.

Respect others' projects/property.

This server map is huge. There are vast tracts of land that have nothing built on them. Chopping down trees INSIDE the city walls of RPS Nova to get your first wood blocks is *facepalm*ingly bad. Similarly, chopping down trees right next to buildings that aren't yours is also bad. If you are looking to build, find an area and scout around it first to see if anyone is there already. If there is, ask first if you may build nearby or if you should look elsewhere. You can ask people that are on the server at the same time as you if the know the owner or failing that, you can leave a sign asking permission. Often, it is just easier to find somewhere else to build, there is certainly enough land for that. Sometimes, you might accidentally connect into someone else's mine or other tunnel. Seems silly on a large server, but it happens. Leave a sign saying "Hi, sorry for the intrusion neighbor" and close the hole. If you decide to build near others, and they have given permission for close-quarters construction, then obey any building codes they have there. Some places are very hands-off, some have aesthetics they wish to maintain, and others are totally off-limits. ALWAYS ASK FIRST.

And duh, unless a chest explicitly says "Free stuff, help yourself" or something to that effect, keep your hands to yourself, you damn dirty ape! We have lockable chests, but people can forget or there might be really old chests from before that particular plugin was installed.

This is a little touchier, but there may arise situations where friends on the server having falling-outs, or other kinds of drama between non-griefer players. The rules still apply regarding the protection of projects and property. Unless all involved parties have given consent to tear down or otherwise destroy a joint work, the work stays. You are free to tear down your own personal work at will if that is your choice, and others are free to try to talk you out of it, but joint works need to have all parties agree otherwise it WILL be considered griefing. We will hand out demotions in build rights if we must, but we expect our players to act mature enough to not force our hand. Talk it out amongst yourselves before OPs have to get involved.

We have tools to make short work of intentional or accidental incidents, but why go there? You the player should have the maturity and common sense to avoid mishaps on your own without being told beyond reading these rules. It makes for a better gameplay experience for everyone and makes it more likely people will want to play with you in the future.

Chat is not your personal Twitter feed, your blog or your diary.

Practice the art of the inner monologue. You don't need to share your every thought in chat. The occasional witty remark is fine and expected (laughing is good, we love to laugh), and often times people building/adventuring together will use in-game chat to coordinate, but you'll have to learn how much is too much when working by yourself chatting to no one in particular. The way chat in Minecraft is set up, the text fills the screen if a lot is entered. That is the reason we want to avoid unnecessary talkage. There are several chat channels you can use, but please try to keep the general chat channel as clear as you can.

Replant, for the love of the Ents, REPLANT!

Trees are sacred. Clear-cutting an entire forest when you can build in a plains biome right next to it makes no sense and unnecessarily ruins a beautiful area. If you must clear an area, try to minimize it as much as you reasonably can and replant what you can. As for your wood needs, underground treefarms are not that difficult to set up (though, the birch and pine trees are a bit wonky underground). The wiki for the game has a page on them, or you can even ask players on the server for tips.

Do not leave dicktowers or dickpaths.

A common feature on more-griefed servers, a "dicktower" is any tower build by means of jumping up and placing blocks below you as you go higher for the purpose of either getting a better long-distance view, gaining access to the top of some project, or to just build a dicktower ... and then just leaving it. Please, do not do that. Although easily dealt with, it is annoying and ruins views. If you build such a tower on a temporary basis for purposes of construction, an easy trick is to place a halfstep on the ground, and then place either sand or gravel beneath you as you go up. Assuming you can get to the ground safely without just simply removing the tower beneath you same way you came up, all you need to do is remove the bottom-most sand or gravel block in the tower. The rest of the blocks above it will automatically fall onto the halfstep and remove themselves, you just need to pick up the drops.

"Dickpaths" are a special form of dicktower, in that they are primarily horizontal, extend for kilometers, server no meaningful purpose, are ugly as sin, and are often a pain in the ass to remove. Term was coined on old server when a player discovered such a monstrosity in the boonies west of West Haven. Kilometers of gold, iron, diamond ... and so much obsidian. My god. So much obsidian.

We have maps made on a semi-regular basis, we can see such towers/paths if they are made, we have tools to identify who built them. Do not leave dicktowers or dickpaths.

Try to build nice things and buildings. This is a nice server, help make it nicer.

It’s understandable if you are just starting out in Minecraft and have no idea how to build. If you're new to the server, or even a well-established player, have a look around the server. So many people have worked for so many months building so many things. You cannot possibly NOT find inspiration in someone else's project, or find some little trick or design detail in a building you had not thought of. You should not be discouraged by your own lack of experience in the game, you should be inspired by the wealth of talent here on the server. By all means, if you see some technique used by someone else to get a particular effect or look, incorporate it into your own works. If there is a particular design aesthetic in an area, try to maintain it if you are building in that area. This is not a hard game, these are not (really) hard things to build. The hard part is deciding what to build next or focusing on any one project to completion.

We strongly discourage use of mods when playing on this server.

It has happened in the past where someone was logging into this server using a modified client that had a singleplayer mod installed, and the server throwing a fit over it. While texture packs (ex: Painterly, Frenden's) and other graphic-enhancing mods (ex: OptiFine) are clientside at this time, gameplay mods that are not installed serverside are extremely risky and may threaten the stability of the server. Please do not use a modified client to log into this server. In extreme cases, this is a bannable offense. Do not risk it.

These rules are subject to change.

All the rules provided above are pretty basic and cover many aspects of the game and how to conduct oneself on the server. They have served us well for the past year and should continue to do so until the server comes to a close, which hopefully will not happen for a very long time. However, if we need to, we will change the rules in order to deal with any situation that the current rules can't deal with or if something goes haywire in the behaviour of the community. Really has not been an issue in the past, really should not be in the future. We need you, the player, to help us keep it that way.