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A view east across the city from the mansion towards the Visitors' Arch.

Shrewbil is the capital and largest city of the continent of Mammalia.

It was started by robert_swan not long after the town of Gerbston was begun, making it the second main area within Mammalia. Once Gerbston was complete, Gerbster joined construction. The fort was the first building completed, followed by the storage warehouse, the Town Hall and the Arch. Several of the most prominent buildings were copied over from an area (called the Port of Rath) built by the pair from another server (TCE, The Chaos Engine server).

Expansion and tweaking continues as new blocks become available and inspiration strikes. Due to the lack of space on the main land, building has expanded to the east on Marmot Isle, and to the south onto Ferret Island.

Shrewbil is located at the eastern edge of Mammalia, and the South Road passes though its eastern side. Visitors wishing to arrive from other parts of the server can walk via the South Road, or via portals from the South Hub and the Town Net. Following the road west out of Shrewbil leads to Gerbston.

Visitors are asked to leave a sign on the Visitors' Arch, located between the local portal and the South Hub portal. Occasional raffles are run using names on the arch.

Places of interest (from east to west)[edit]

  • Foreign Ministry - Houses the main portal of the Town Net.
  • Port. Has a ship building workshop on the east side.
  • ??? Fort - The first and largest building within the city.
  • Inn - An almost exact copy of a building from another server.
  • Church - Originally the site of a giant sand castle built by ThatBritishKid, the church is also taken from a previous server.
  • Mansion - Another building copied over from a previous server. Almost entirely built over a single night, much to the surprise of Jonbas and DRoseDARs.
  • Lighthouse - Yet another copied building, although this one was upated more with new blocks.
  • The air ship - Destined to be a luxury shop, but also contains the only ground-based entrance to the Sky Tours network.
  • Shopping District - Contains shops and restaurants selling a large variety of items. At one point the shops where the only way to get certain items stacked in the inventory. For a long time this was the only place to buy food.
  • Visitors' Arch - Visitors to Shrewbil are asked to place a sign on the arch with their comments and names. Occasional raffles are done for people whose names appear here.
  • Beech-grove Bay on Ferret Isle - The latest area to the south of the main island, it contains one of the few areas where other players were invited to build, and as such is a community area. It is reached via a tunnel from the main island, or a ferry service located just under the brigde by the portal. A minecart route is currently in progress.

Map locations[edit]