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Sample signs located in the storage at Shrewbil, showing the colours possible.

It is possible to use colours within signs on the uRPS server. To do so simply write the '&' symbol, followed by one of the following hexadecimal digits to produce a given colour:

0 - Black.
1 - Dark blue.
2 - Dark green.
3 - Dark cyan.
4 - Dark red.
5 - Dark purple.
6 - Orange.
7 - Light grey.
8 - Dark grey.
9 - Blue.
a - Green.
b - Cyan.
c - Red.
d - Purple.
e - Yellow.
f - White.

One of the downsides is that the codes use up 2 of the available 15 characters per line, restricting messages. It can also prove difficult if you want just a normal '&' sign in the text, you must follow it with a space which can slightly mess up the centered text.