The Loss of M3's Server and the Halloween Update Map

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With the announcement of the Halloween Update in Fall of 2010, a debate grew as to the future of the uRPS map at that time. The Halloween Update was to bring a major new feature to Minecraft in the form of biomes, and they would only seen on newly-generated chunks of the map. Some wished to keep the map at the time and simply expand the map further while others thought it better that a new map should be started fresh. Nothing had been decided by MtotheThird by approximately two weeks prior to the release of the Halloween Update.

During those days, the server had some stability issues and would often need a manual restart. SavageRose created a restart plugin that automated the process every hour as a means to ward off lag build up, save backups of the map and to ensure the server would restart without intervention. However, one week prior to the release, the plugin failed. The server stopped and stayed stop. No one knew anything or had heard from MtotheThird.

The update came, the server was still down and the uRPS Minecraft community was beside itself. Then-Player thurzday stepped up and created a temporary map hosted on a home computer that allowed people to play with the new content.

Shortly after, then-Mod Jonbas opened an account with HostedGameServers and created a test map of his own. It was decided then that thurzday's map would be hosted on Jonbas's server. Some controversy arose regarding whether or not projects and features from M3's map would likewise be ported to the new uRPS map, but it was determined that that effort would be a massive undertaking, depriving all players reliable access to the server. Thus, only Epic Cave from Jonbas's test map and the Clocktower from RPS Town on M3's map were ported onto the new map. thurzday's map encompassed present day RPS Nova at its center and up to a kilometer outward in some directions.