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thegingerbeast :D.

thegingerbeast is a member of the uRPS servers.

thegingerbeast joined the uRPS server in January 2011, during which time he was sitting his University January exams and minecraft provided a very suitable and enjoyable distraction. Playing carried on for a number of months, before he took a break for a while before coming back to minecraft again. The minecraft server is currently hosted on his dedicated server in a data centre in London, all hail the mighty ginger! He appears to have been promoted to admin following his contribution in the form of physical hardware and cash to keep the server going, long may this continue :>

  • Real name: Sam
  • Forum name: thegingerbeast
  • Level: Admin
  • Joined uRPS: January 2011
  • Date of Birth: June 4th
  • Nationality: British
  • Location: Leeds, UK.
  • Cats: Cats - why are cats in peoples profiles :/
  • Steam Profile: thegingerbeast [1]