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  1. FAQ - Only the tree / mines / mob grinders section needs info
  2. Portals and hubs
    1. Other public networks
      1. Mammalia local network
      2. Air Tours
      3. That hub duplicate located in the south east of the map?
  3. Protection
    1. What you can protect (and default values)
    2. Making something private or public
    3. Making chests magnetic
    4. Adding and removing a password (needed?)
    5. The difference between public and private, and protected and not
  4. Shops
    1. Currency
    2. Where to find shops
      1. East Hub
      2. Shrewbil
      3. Other locations
    3. How to check items for sale or purchase and their prices
    4. How to buy or sell items
    5. How to create a shop
    6. How to stock and restock items
  5. Server and Map History
    1. Current Map (Post-Beta Update to Present)
    2. Map Images (September 2010 to Present)
  6. Important Places
    1. Epic Cave